Briddhi aims to bring a one-stop platform for farmers offering them all the elements necessary to manage the end to end lifecycle of crop production and trade. Initially starting as an Agro shop being a marketplace for agro products such as seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, Briddhi plans to grow and build an ecosystem of buyers and sellers at full length. The goal is to enable farmers with all the essential services starting from agro products, leased machineries and equipment, credit facilities, expert advisory services to assist in cultivation and production of the crops. Additionally, Briddhi aims to create a bridge for farmers in the form of a marketplace to sell their cultivated crops to traders, bulk purchasers, exporters, local distributors etc., eliminating multiple layers from the existing supply chain. The backward and forward linkage in the supply chain is likely to equip farmers with better farming techniques, provide greater access to finance, ensure the best quality inputs into the production, offer greater bargaining power, and support with greater access to market, in turn, increasing the overall income of the farmers. 

Briddhi’s primary activities started in Birampur (Dinajpur), an agro hub with thousands of farmers, where Briddhi conducted market surveys, enlisted 1,000+ farmers, offered training and laid the foundation of an Agro shop in line with the vision.