Digital Movement

In May 2021, Briddhi also partnered up with HungryNaki to launch a digital campaign to address the negative stereotype that society has about jobs through TVET such as a mechanic, or those working in the gig economy such as delivery riders. The digital campaign “Kaj ta kintu shohoj chilo na” showed how the work done by restaurant workers and delivery boys are crucial in the gig economy and that they should be respected as any work is work. To highlight this, leading personalities from different sectors came together such as Ashfaq Rahman Asif, owner of 138 East restaurant, who played the role of cleaner for the day, Shirin Akter Shela, Miss Universe 2019 was the waitress, Rafeed Elahi Chowhdury an author and marketer was the busboy, Israt Sharmin Keya, a development activist was the restaurant manager and Zohad Reza Choudhury, front man of the band Nemesis was the delivery man for the day.