With a vision to build a cashless society, banks and digital financial service companies have been revolutionizing an ecosystem which extends digital financial services to the last mile of Bangladesh by means of creating a network of human agents and in turn, inspiring massive influx of employment opportunities in both urban and rural areas. However, a large number of people still lack the awareness and understanding to comprehend and make proper use of the opportunity. One of Briddhi’s core objectives is to generate employment opportunities among the underserved, underprivileged, and marginally poor population. Recognizing the high demand of human agents, Briddhi came up with a capacity building program with an objective to convert the educated but unemployed youth into human agents owing to the awareness, application process assistance, training, and continuous monitoring the program renders. In this regard, Briddhi partnered with a local mobile financial services company to roll out the first phase of the program in the remote areas of Bangladesh, creating employment for rural population while expanding the distribution network of the company to take banking and prosperity to the last mile of Bangladesh.